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“My brothers and I, literally grew up on and in this Lagoon. It made us who we are, and has enriched our lives and offered us so much. The natural beauty, the bird and sea life, the tides, the wind and all the watersports that go with these. Absolute Magic! To anyone who has not been, i strongly urge you to visit, stay and play on this piece of paradise. Its untouchable for watersports like kiting, windsurfing, SUP, fishing, sailing, kayaking and even surfing. Families and kids love its tranquil, warm and safe waters for swimming, paddling and other beach fun. Couples will find beautifully romantic nooks and crannies, Beaches and bays offering spectacular settings and sunsets. Come and share Langebaan Lagoon with us….. and experience its Magic.”
Greg Bertish

The Langebaan Lagoon is a nature lover’s dream. With hundreds of indigenous and migratory bird species, visiting Southern Right Whales, and a horde of mammals, there’s a wealth of wildlife. It’s also a watersports mecca, with a number of activities adding an exhilarating edge to your lagoon explorations.

The Langebaan Lagoon, on the West Coast of the Western Cape, sits like a delicate little topaz in a ring of semi-arid vegetation and desolate white beaches. Its trademark azure colouring has long been a source of fascination for visitors, which include both holidaymakers and feathered friends from around the world.

The lagoon is a magnet for migratory wading birds with up to 70 000 birds flocking to the waters each summer to feed and breed. The wetland areas are rich in plankton and sustain massive bird populations, so it’s not surprising the Langebaan Lagoon is a Ramsar site – a wetland of international importance.

The lagoon is fascinating in that it’s completely fed by the ocean, not a river – as is normally the case. This has given rise to numerous salt marshes and the wetland habitat in the south, which is frequented by thousands of Pink Flamingos, Crowned Cormorants, Kelp Gulls, Black Oystercatchers and Swift Terns. Some species visit from as far afield as Siberia and Greenland.

The Langebaan Lagoon is also home to four islands – Schaapen, Malgas, Marcus and Jutten. These are important breeding grounds for the birds, including the rare Cape Gannets, which have colonised Malgas Island. Similarly, Marcus Island is a hot favourite for the local African Penguins, which can be viewed from the nearby rocks. Please note there are strict rules governing the viewing of the birds, and some islands can be visited by boat while others are out of bounds.

Boating is a popular way to explore the lagoon and enjoy this wealth of biodiversity. The lagoon is also synonymous with watersports, which are restricted in certain areas due to the sensitivity of the ecosystems.

Langebaan watersports include windsurfing, kitesurfing, power boating, water skiing, wakeboarding, sailing and sea kayaking, all within the calm ocean confines of the 17km long, and 2 – 3km wide lagoon. There are also several local houseboats for hire.

Langebaan Lagoon is part of the West Coast National Park, renowned for its exquisite display of wild flowers each August/ September. The park also offers numerous bird hides, walking and hiking trails, mountain bike and cycling trails, and perfect whale watching spots from which to view Southern Right Whales, which return to the lagoon each year to calve.